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Case Studies

A Winning Edge: How a Virtual Data Room Can Drive Better Fundraising Results
Next Wave Partners was determined to raise their new fund as quickly as possible, and to do it much faster than the one-year time frame they were told to expect by their financial advisors. To accomplish this, the firm’s partners knew they needed a communication platform that would make it simple and convenient for investors to learn about their fund. Read More >>(749 KB PDF)

Midsized audio-electronics firm achieves maximum valuation and continuation of business strategy by attracting international strategic buyer…
Find out how this investment banking firm achieved a maximum valuation for its client, the owner of a midsized audio equipment manufacturing company. The firm determined that in order to drive the best valuation, it was important to attract a large group of potential domestic and international buyers. In total, 70 parties representing 12 potential buyers located throughout the United States and Europe participated – all via Merrill DataSite...
Read More >>     (436 KB PDF)

How a large communications company leveraged Merrill DataSite to complete a $12 billion transaction in less than six months...
A large communications company fell into financial trouble and wanted to conduct an online due diligence exercise for the potential sale of a portion of its assets. Using Merrill DataSite, in less than six months' time, they completed a $12+ billion cash transaction, involving 1,000 users from over 40 companies…
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How Merrill DataSite assisted with the sale of a large pharmaceutical company...
When a leading specialty pharmaceutical company began exploring potential strategic options and an interested buyer quickly emerged, the company was faced with assembling more than 40,000 pages of information in less than one week. With Merrill DataSite, they succeeded.
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Company gains speed, accuracy and control while reducing IPO costs using Merrill DataSite...
With an IPO and an expected due diligence exercise on the immediate horizon, this company's executives believed that success depended on the completeness of and accessibility to their financial and operational documentation. With Merrill DataSite, the company saved time, controlled costs and ultimately accelerated the IPO process…
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Large Online Company Solves "Taxing" Problem using Merrill DataSite...
For this multibillion dollar company, one of the world's largest online marketplaces, the management of tax audits was a time-consuming, paper-laden process. Using Merrill DataSite, the company did away with paper documents and migrated to an online document repository for 250,000 historical tax documents. The results? Dramatic time savings, reduced costs and more...
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