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Top Cleantech VDR Software Solution - Merrill Datasite


 “We need to organize and present large quantities of documentation to attract investors. We need secure reliable Clean Tech software which can streamline the due diligence process and allow us to concentrate on our daily workflow tasks.”

The Clean Tech industry is still in its infancy, but it is being asked to grow up quickly. Widespread austerity measures and high-profile bankruptcies like Solyndra and Range Fuels have drastically reduced government’s ability and willingness to fund clean technologies. This places the financing burden on the private sector, which expects Clean Tech companies to compete on their merits, not just their potential.

Whether your focus is building utility-scale solar and wind farms, scaling a laboratory-proven biofuel, or developing a disruptive storage technology, the burden of proof is on you. Investors expect thorough documentation available at a moment’s notice. At the same time, you can’t afford to disrupt your workflow or compromise the security of your most sensitive information. Merrill DataSite®, the most secure Virtual Data Room (VDR) Clean Tech solution available, helps thousands of companies like yours to overcome these challenges every day. Merrill DataSite provides a range of proven features that ensure confidentiality of sensitive information, facilitate communication between all of the involved parties, and streamline the due diligence process.

Facilitate communication, accelerate document sharing, protect assets and optimize business processes

Merrill DataSite provides a secure, cost-effective, risk-mitigating solution for Clean Tech companies involved in a wide range of activities. Our services help you at every financing stage from initial fundraising to launching an IPO and within every partnership phase from licensing intellectual property to selling assets. Our clients enjoy:

Tightest security. Merrill DataSite is the first virtual data room to be fully accredited with the highest-level security certification, ISO 27001:2005. In addition, documents are 256-bit SSL encrypted, watermarks are tamperproof and customized, and data can be viewed, printed and downloaded only by the account holders you designate.

Auditability. Merrill DataSite tracks and reports each and every move of all your bidders—down to specific pages viewed—providing you with invaluable insights that can be crucial to negotiations.

Accessibility. With just one password, Merrill DataSite is accessible from any internet browser, anywhere in the world. It dramatically reduces transaction time and expense and allows multiple parties and prospective buyers to access information concurrently from different environments

Scalability. Merrill DataSite gives you complete flexibility in how your VDR is structured, making it customizable for your specific needs. It is designed to grow with your project.

Minimized costs. Our price is totally inclusive: there are no hidden costs, unlike with most other VDR providers. All the support and training is included; you won’t need to acquire any third-party software; and you won’t have to pay extra to include more participants in your data room. This means you can budget with confidence knowing there won’t be surprise expenses when the project closes.

Best-in-class support. Customer service and the handling of confidential, business-critical information is Merrill’s core competency. In fact, for over 45 years, Merrill has been dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. You’ll meet your project team on the very first planning call and they will remain with you throughout the duration of the project to ensure your goals are achieved. Plus, your dedicated Project Management team is available 24/7/365.

The best solution

Merrill DataSite is the world’s leading virtual data room for due diligence, and has successfully handled mission critical documentation for its clients for decades. Our award-winning platform provides advanced technology and in-depth functionality so that you can deliver the right data to your team members easily and instantaneously.

2014 WINNER – M&A Advisor International Information Management Services of the Year
2013 WINNER – M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Information Management Product/Service of the Year
2013 WINNER – 3rd Annual ACG New York Champion’s Awards Product/Service of the Year
2012 WINNER – Global M&A Advisor M&A Product/Service of the Year Award
2011, 2012 and 2013 WINNER – M&A Advisor International Product/Service of the Year Award

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