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InSite from Merrill DataSite

Ed Bifulk joined Merrill Corporation in 2004 to head Merrill’s Virtual Data Room Solution, DataSite.  Ed has been instrumental in DataSite’s significant growth since his joining. Prior to Merrill, Ed was VP of Strategic Accounts for 9 years with private equity firm, Platinum Equity. During his time with Platinum Equity, Ed’s responsibilities included VP of Sales for portfolio companies, business development and early M&A work. 

In this playback of the Merrill DataSite and ACG video broadcast, Ed Bifulk introduces the topic of discussion Middle Market Insights: Banking, Lending and the Impact on M&A, and invites five leaders from the middle market to exchange ideas, concepts and challenges related to banking, the regulatory environment today and its impact on M&A in the middle market. More >

Best Practice in Post Merger Integration

Merlin discusses best practices for post-merger integration. Learn how to smooth the process of integrating methodologies and systems through communication and access to critical business information. More >

Adding streamlined security to the M&A process
In this article Mike Hinchliffe discusses how VDRs optimise the due diligence process through increased speed to market, reducing cost associated with the process and allowing greater competition to take place in a sale. More >

China and the Art of Due Diligence
In this article, Mark Finnie presents a simple solution to aid transparency and increase confidence during M&A transactions. More >

Discovery in Due Diligence and the Essential Steps to Take
In this article, Ross Whittaker, Regional Director of Merrill DataSite in New England, discusses the redefinition of due diligence and the essential steps to take to ensure successful M&A transactions. More >

The BRIC rise and the subsequent effect on Due Diligence
In this article from Financier Worldwide's Global Reference Guide 2011: Mergers & Acquisitions, Ari discusses the rise of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as major players in the global economy and its impact on due diligence. More >

Paper Paper Everywhere? Welcome to the new world of online Due Diligence
Chris Robilliard, Regional Director of Merrill DataSite Australia & New Zealand, discusses the challenges of a paper-based due diligence process and the benefits of using a virtual data room in today's market. More >

The New European Economy: Interview with Merlin J. Piscitelli
In this interview with the New European Economy Magazine, Merlin J. Piscitelli, Regional Director of Merrill DataSite Europe, discusses how accurate information delivery, combined with timely and effective management of information, allows companies to streamline the due diligence process and lowers a project’s overall operating costs. More >


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