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Life Science Licensing and Due Diligence


As global competitive pressure accelerates and regulatory oversight increases, life sciences companies today face an unprecedented need to proactively manage research and licensing due diligence, protect business assets and increase revenue.

Whether your focus is biotech or biopharma, medical devices, life science software or diagnostics, competition is fierce. Life sciences companies are racing to deliver groundbreaking new technologies to market. To compete effectively, you need ways to streamline the life science licensing due diligence processes, reduce transaction times, increase revenues and cut costs.

Merrill DataSite®, the most secure Virtual Data Room (VDR) solution available, helps thousands of companies like yours achieve these goals every day. Merrill DataSite provides a range of proven features that facilitate communication, accelerate document sharing, protect assets and streamline and optimize business processes for the world’s leading life sciences companies.

Merrill DataSite provides a secure, cost-effective, risk-mitigating solution for life sciences companies involved in a wide range of activities. Our services help you at every stage from initial fundraising to licensing intellectual property to launching an IPO. For more information, please select from the following:

Merrill DataSite® for IP Licensing

Most life sciences companies today look at in- and out-licensing of their intellectual property as an essential component of their growth strategy. Merrill DataSite for IP Licensing is the industry-leading Virtual Data Room for life sciences companies that need an exceptionally secure and cost-effective method of facilitating licensing agreements. With Merrill DataSite, companies just like yours accelerate and maximize the value of their licensing agreements by simultaneously and securely working with multiple potential partners. Merrill DataSite lets you establish enforceable permission levels and easily gauge the genuine interest of each partner through granular reporting capabilities.

Using Merrill DataSite means your information is always safely stored online, providing potential partners with immediate 24/7 access. Our secure, user-based access capability also means there is no risk that your highly confidential property will be downloaded or printed without your permission. Using Merrill DataSite also dramatically reduces risk of theft or loss from easily duplicated CDs, hard drives or paper.

Merrill DataSite provides an easy to use, customizable, fully searchable and secure method for sharing critical information. Using Merrill DataSite simplifies due diligence and enhances and accelerates communication. Our VDR solution helps companies consistently realize the maximum value of their intellectual property, while mitigating the many risks associated with sharing confidential information.

Merrill DataSite Virtual Data Room (VDR) provides the following key benefits for Life Sciences companies involved in intellectual property licensing:

  • Share information more efficiently. Merrill DataSite is a cloud-based service that allows you and your partners to more efficiently share information. Authorized parties simply log in to a secure Web browser from any location, at any time. Merrill DataSite can also accommodate information in 9 different languages with additional translation services available.
  • Gather intelligence and improve deal negotiations. Merrill DataSite provides you with up-to-the-minute user activity information as users perform due diligence. Auditing and reporting tools track each user's activities, allowing for critical level-of-interest assessments as well as intelligence on their specific areas of focus. A permanent record is kept of all activity.
  • Rapidly respond to questions. Merrill DataSite allows you to track and rapidly respond to partner inquiries, eliminating the need to track individual e-mails or compile spreadsheets. The integrated Q&A platform provides a private, community-based forum for user groups to ask questions and site managers to provide responses, all of which are automatically associated with the related document or folder.
  • Accelerate transactions. Merrill DataSite enables speedier IP licensing transactions by providing immediately accessible documentation, state-of-the-art search technologies, the ability to respond in real time to partner inquiries and overall streamlined due diligence. Together these features simplify and greatly accelerate the licensing transaction process.
  • Reach more potential licensing partners. Using a single, highly secure, access-controlled central repository of information that can be made available simultaneously to multiple potential partners means you can reach out to an unlimited number of interested parties at the same time. This results in the best possible deal for your company.
  • Search more effectively. Merrill DataSite offers embedded, cutting-edge search technology. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is applied to each processed page so that the data room is fully text and title searchable. With a simple right click, the powerful search engine can locate strings of characters and return search results from the entire data room in ranked order.
  • Control access and mitigate risk. Merrill DataSite allows you to tightly control who accesses, downloads and prints specific information, adding a layer of security not available with hard-copies of documents. This feature, in addition to the stringent security measures inherent to the VDR solution, means you can share confidential information with confidence.
  • Defend your IP with market-leading security features. Merrill DataSite is the world’s first ISO 27001 (originally BS 7799) accredited VDR provider and complies fully with the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). All client documentation is hosted internally and watermarking is available on the computer screen to prevent photographing or printing of sensitive data. There is no other VDR on the market today capable of protecting confidential data at this level.
  • Save time and money. No need to produce large quantities of paper documents or create copies of critical business information on CDs. Invited parties simply log in to Merrill DataSite to access the information they need, when they need it, eliminating time-consuming and redundant administrative tasks and saving companies thousands of dollars.
  • Present your technology as an attractive investment. Perception is everything, and presenting potential partners with a simple, streamlined service with which they can evaluate your technology can be instrumental in gaining their trust and confidence.

      Learn the five best practices for life science intellectual property licensing due diligence — download the white paper now

      A trusted partner

      Merrill DataSite is a secure virtual data room (VDR) solution that optimizes the due diligence process by providing a highly efficient and secure method for sharing key business information between multiple parties. Merrill DataSite provides unlimited access for users worldwide, as well as real-time activity reports, site-wide search at the document level, enhanced communications through the Q&A feature and superior project management service - all of which help reduce transaction time and expense. Merrill DataSite's multilingual support staff is available from anywhere in the world, 24/7, and can have your VDR up and running with thousands of pages loaded within 24 hours or less.

      It is at the core of Merrill DataSite's effort to share ideas and practices that can help organizations expand opportunities. Download and read a variety of documents for free, such as international surveys, summaries of field knowledge practical guides, and Case Studies of our clients and partners, from the DataSite Knowledge Center >>

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