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2014 Q4 Review for Europe

Jerome Pottier, Director at Merrill DataSite, recently spoke to Acquisition International Magazine for their 2014 Q4 Review

Merrill DataSite is a premier due diligence platform for M&A transactions, which enables dealmakers worldwide to work collaboratively and share information in a secure online workspace. Jerome Pottier tells us more.  

Q4 Review
“We organise thousands of paper documents and electronic files into one searchable and flexible index. To date, we have successfully operated more than 35,000 projects, uploading 825,000,000 pages of data.  

What sets Merrill DataSite apart is our unrivalled, multi-lingual project managers with their years of experience and expertise. A dedicated team is assigned at the start of each transaction and is then available 24/7/365 to give clients peace of mind that any issues related to their due diligence project will be address.  

Working with clients at the start of an M&A process, throughout due diligence, Merrill DataSite are a leading indicator of M&A activity. Q4 2014 was strong for us across many European markets, with virtual data rooms flourishing in the UK and Ireland, France and Germany, which means the first part of 2015 is shaping up well for deals, particularly in these regions.  

There are always ongoing questions in the M&A environment caused by wider issues, such as how the financial crisis in Russia will impact markets. Many European companies either export there or have a very strong local presence. An economic downturn would impact these businesses and also many of the small and midcap companies working with them.  

Having said that, we witnessed a lot of action, particularly in the mid-market, last year and confidence in general continues to rise, along with the appetite for M&A. In fact, an issue for our clients is the availability of quality assets. For the best businesses competition remains fierce. Corporates have healthy balance sheets and want growth, Private Equity has “dry-power” to be invested and public markets are vying for assets.

This should make 2015 very interesting and hopefully very busy.”

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