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Merrill DataSite® Virtual Data Room Loads 500-Millionth-Page

Award-winning VDR solution uploads record-breaking document for due diligence transaction

St. Paul, Minn. — Merrill Corporation, (www.merrillcorp.com) a leading provider of technology-enabled services, today announced Merrill DataSite®, the industry leader in virtual data rooms (VDR), has reached a major milestone by uploading and processing its 500-millionth-page. 

Merrill DataSite virtual data room (VDR) is a complete, secure VDR solution that optimizes the due diligence process. It offers a highly efficient method of sharing critical business information for electronic due diligence via a secure online data room, accessible by way of the Internet. Merrill DataSite has become an essential tool in an efficient and legally defensible process for completing multiple types of business transactions.

Since its launch, Merrill DataSite has helped more than 2 million unique visitors conduct due diligence in multiple types of transactions from asset sales to licensing deals, and has facilitated thousands of transactions worth trillions of dollars in asset value. Merrill DataSite is used across many industries, such as financial services, life sciences, information technology, and energy as an efficient means of sharing, protecting and auditing valuable company information and intellectual property. 

“It’s only been nine months since we reached the 400-million-page mark. Adding an additional 100 million pages in such a short time is striking evidence that more and more individuals recognize the value that our next-generation technology adds to their business transactions,” said Ed Bifulk, president of Merrill DataSite. “Our customers utilize Merrill DataSite because of its unique ability to increase the speed in facilitating their business deals, while attracting more and better potential partners, and improving their overall due diligence experience.”

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