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Best Private Equity Software For Global Private Equity Due Diligence - Merrill DataSite

“We need to share critical and confidential information with our investors and portfolio companies during due diligence and need a secure, efficient tool to help us.”

Increasingly, private equity, venture capital and alternative investment funds are turning to Merrill DataSite Virtual Data Rooms (VDR), whether they are raising a new fund, acquiring a company, distributing capital calls and K-1s to investors or selling a company.

Merrill DataSite Virtual Data Room private equity software enhances, streamlines and transforms the information management process by offering an efficient online repository with comprehensive tools to index and organize confidential documents. It is simple and easy to invite parties to conduct secure private equity due diligence, participate in question and answer forums, assess potential investors based on their private equity due diligence activity — all within intuitive desktop environment, with content that is 100 percent searchable.

Streamline and enhance your document management and sharing system

Merrill DataSite is an excellent foundation for building and enhancing your team's portfolio management processes through global private equity due diligence:

Save time. No matter the size or complexity, your customized data room will be up and running in 72 hours or less. Multiple users can access your data 24/7/365 to ensure your due diligence can be executed as quickly as possible.

Develop a structured discipline for portfolio management. With Merrill DataSite virtual data room's intuitive file management and indexing systems, portfolio company information can be easily updated through regular document submissions, assisting the effective benchmarking and execution of goals. Conform to and follow your prescribed company style using the intuitive index structure throughout the private equity due diligence process.

Share information more efficiently. Merrill DataSite is a virtual data room provider which promotes the storage of unlimited number of native files, allowing you to securely reach a much larger group of potential investors, faster and with greater efficiency.

Obtain real-time visibility into investor interest. Who's been looking at your documents? What pages have been viewed? Have your documents been printed or downloaded? Review who has visited your site and what has been accessed, down to the page level and to the fraction of a second.

Seize opportunities. By regularly uploading and updating vital information you can become "asset ready" and maximize ROI when presented with an opportunity to divest an asset.

Respond rapidly to investor inquiries. Using Merrill DataSite's integrated Q&A platform for global private equity, you can track and respond to logged investor inquiries. Queries and responses are available for immediate reporting and downloading.

Maintain your firm's brand identity. Link to your investor login page for a quick and seamless transition to your logo-branded Merrill DataSite. Company logos can easily be inserted with the help of Merrill DataSite tools.

Minimize costs. Our price is totally inclusive: there are no hidden costs, unlike with most other VDR providers. All the support and training is included; you won’t need to acquire any third-party software; and you won’t have to pay extra to include more participants in your data room. This means you can budget with confidence knowing there won’t be surprise expenses when the deal closes.

The best solution

Merrill DataSite is the world’s leading virtual data room for due diligence, and has successfully handled mission critical documentation for its clients for decades. Our award-winning platform provides advanced technology and in-depth functionality so that you can deliver the right data to your team members easily and instantaneously.

2014 WINNER – M&A Advisor International Information Management Services of the Year
2013 WINNER – M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Information Management Product/Service of the Year
2013 WINNER – 3rd Annual ACG New York Champion’s Awards Product/Service of the Year
2012 WINNER – Global M&A Advisor M&A Product/Service of the Year Award
2011, 2012 and 2013 WINNER – M&A Advisor International Product/Service of the Year Award