24 März 2021

Your Essential Documents Checklist for SPAC Transactions

SPACs have reemerged as a popular model for taking a company public, offering an opportunity to accelerate timelines and mitigate market volatility. However, with their advantages also comes new risks. Founders, investors, advisors, and potential targets, need to store and access proprietary information at a moment’s notice. Readiness becomes key and represents an important consideration throughout the SPAC & De-SPAC process. Not to mention a parallel PIPE that needs its own set of documentation and marketing collateral. If all parties are in sync, a smooth outcome can very well be on the horizon. If information is disorganized or lost – it can create havoc.

A secure, easy-to-use document repository built for the SPAC process positions you for the best possible result. To help you prepare, download our SPAC Checklist for the documents and information you are most likely to need in your data room.

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