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We've put together a collection of videos, blogs and other resources to help you navigate the storm. We spoke to experts from across different sectors to find out how companies are responding to the economic downturn and evaluting strategic alternatives, whether it be restructuring, refinancing or other opportunities.

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Local Spotlight:The New EMEA Restructuring Landscape

COVID has created challenges for many businesses and left more than a few wondering what the future holds for them. Find out how the restructuring landscape is changing in EMEA, and how companies can stabilize and move forward.

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NEW Feature: Redaction AI

Redaction AI for Datasite Diligence enables dealmakers to speed up redaction using Artificial Intelligence. Redaction AI utilizes pattern recognition to locate occurrences of data types such as names, addresses, postal codes, email addresses, and currency mentions. Redaction AI also takes lists of user-defined terms, phrases and images and marks them for redaction. Redaction AI cuts redaction times by two-thirds vs. manual redaction. And because we enable users to tag each redaction with a reason, you can unredact in seconds by de-selecting by reason. Redaction AI is fast and easy to use.

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The New EMEA Restructuring Landscape

EMEA corporates are facing a once-in-a-generation corporate crisis as the pandemic continues to cause ripples through markets and economies, with many companies on sound footing facing solvency issues or significant distress.

3 Pro Tips for Easing the Burden of Managing Transactions

For those charged with leading financial transactions – M&A, divestitures, capital raising, restructuring, etc. – the prospect of managing the deal team and other relevant stakeholders while meeting target deadlines often seems elusive at best. Here are a few pointers to help transaction managers maintain the requisite swagger needed to move through the deal lifecycle as a winner. Quickly.

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Datasite for Restructuring & Administration Primer

Share information securely. Manage content easily. Simplify processes. Datasite solves the largest challenges you face to effectively work through corporate restructuring and reorganization. Letting you handle the most sensitive of events with the precision you need.

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Easing the Financial Strain from COVID-19: 5 Ways Hospitals and Other Healthcare Organizations Can Overcome Their Biggest Transacton Management Challenges

In this guide, we takea look at the top transaction management challenges that hospitals and healthcare providers are facing, and five ways to leverage technology to help navigate uncertain financial times.

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7 Tips for Maximizing Your VDR for Restructuring

A VDR is a critical resource when going through the restructuring process, providing a secure document repository for complex situations. Make sure that you're using your VDR to its full potential.

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