junio 01, 2020

NEW Feature: Set your VDR progress reports on automatic

By Abby Roberts, Product Marketing


Find the deal stats you want (if you can). Analyze them. Pour into a presentable format. Make sure your information’s up to date and ready to share before that critical management meeting.

Sound easy? It’s not.

In fact, dealmakers rank status tracking as both the most difficult and time-consuming M&A task they face, according to a recent Datasite Insight survey. And no wonder, when most data rooms make you download data reports and create visuals by hand to get fresh information. Or they send you reports batched in 24-hour intervals.


On-time and on-point

Now there’s a better way. Datasite is the only data room that lets you schedule progress reports down to the five-minute mark. That combined with our rapid data refresh rates ensure your reports are always fresh.

Not only that, but with our advanced analytics you can easily find and filter the stats you want in whatever visual format you want. Go the extra mile with a custom format in your firm or company’s font, colors, and logo and save yourself reformatting drudgery.

Then, when you’re ready, schedule when you want the dashboard sent and to whom. Get it every day before your morning coffee or receive a fresh version before your weekly one-on-one. Customize and send directly to your direct report, legal partner or that demanding client. 

Stats your peers are tracking

Buyer activity trends. Beloved by MDs, CFOs, and partners everywhere.

Documents accessed out of those permissioned. Whether you’re the banker, corporate development or lawyer running the deal, finding out who’s doing the work never gets old.

Redaction progress. Status check the most common pain point of the entire deal team and pass on as an FYI to workstream leads, so everyone is on the same page.

Q&A tracking. Want to know who’s asking the most questions and where responses stand? Lots of people do. Customize by role and send to your team.

Four simple steps to ’go’

In just four quick and simple steps you’re ready for action:

  1. Login to your project and click on the analytics tab.
  2. Choose the dashboard you want to schedule. Filter.
    Pro tip: contact Datasite service via email at service@datasite.com or the Chat button to set up a custom dashboard template with your logo, font and colors. 
  3. When you’re ready to schedule, click on the cog in the upper righthand corner of the screen. 

4. Pick the schedule option and choose your settings. Add a custom message. Test it. Save it. Done.

Make your status updates hassle-free

At Datasite, we know the behind-the-scene hours that can go into staying on top of your transaction’s progress. Our advanced analytics are designed to give you the focus, flexibility and functionality you need to save time while sharpening insight.


See it in action

Engage with us. Contact your client representative to set up your progress reports or request a personalized demo.

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