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How can Merrill DataSite help me improve my deal process?

Merrill DataSite empowers you to track buyer activity and gauge intent with detailed information about document access by person and time, down to 1/100th of a minute. You can also easily generate real-time graphical reports that provide defensible proof of disclosure and review. This provides invaluable insight into which areas prospective buyers are focusing on enables you to proactively adjust your deal strategy and create better deals.

How quickly can Merrill DataSite be up and running for us?

Implementation time varies by project, but Merrill DataSite deploys faster because we manage every stage of your project – from beginning to end. A new site can be up and running within two hours or less, with thousands of pages of content available to all relevant parties around the clock, worldwide.

What about security?

We take security very seriously. Merrill DataSite is part of Merrill Corporation – a billion dollar global provider of financial and legal document solutions with an unmatched discipline in the management and processing of confidential content.

Merrill DataSite is the first VDR to earn ISO 27001 certification, serving as confirmation that stringent security standards for business transactions are met. Security and the minimization of risk are at the heart of everything we do, beginning with document scanning and continuing throughout the project to the delivery of DVDs containing all documents in indexed format and complete records of activity by all users. Our security processes have also been audited and approved by many of the world's largest corporations via repeated third party testing.

Will our people need training to manage the site?

Merrill DataSite has an intuitive user interface, very similar to your Microsoft Windows® desktop with simple, intuitive file folders that allow you and your team to immediately become productive. While no training is required, Merrill DataSite offers both scheduled group sessions and personalized training specifically tailored to your project needs and schedule.

With whom will we be working?

Clients of Merrill DataSite are supported by 24/7 quality service from dedicated project management teams. Our client's service experience begins with a planning call involving a Merrill DataSite project manager, the client administrator and other members of the working group. The project manager remains with the client throughout the duration of the project, serves as a resource for best practices and makes sure that the client's goals are understood and achieved. Additionally, Merrill provides a help desk for users that is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In customer surveys, Merrill DataSite consistently ranks best in all measures of customer satisfaction.

How do you handle scanning?

With Merrill DataSite, clients that require scanning assistance have broad access to international scanning support from Merrill Corporation. No VDR provider scans and manages more documents than Merrill Corporation, including odd-sized pages such as blueprints, oversized certificates, photographs, brochures, bound documents and more.

Do you automate Q&A?

Merrill DataSite facilitates the most sophisticated Q&A experience, empowering you to easily categorize and group questions, as well as respond to buyers while dynamically linking answers to relevant documents for easy reference. You can set Q&A rules, track discussion threads and generate history reports. You can also send notifications to buyers based on their preference settings for the types and frequency of alerts they wish to receive.

How easy is it to make changes?

It's simple to register and add new users; define or change security permissions for document viewing, printing and source file availability; and add, delete documents intuitively with a minimum number of mouse clicks.

How is your search feature different from other VDRs?

Merrill DataSite is the only provider to offer a complete, site-wide search engine that can search across every document in the VDR. Using Boolean, concept or pattern-searching algorithms, users can search and find exact matches and near-matches, including misspelled words. Potential buyers will enjoy increased confidence knowing they've received and seen all materials and documents that are relevant to their decision-making.

How do I download multiple files?

Folder level downloading is available on Merrill DataSite without any additional software to install. Users can select multiple folders based on their security role and download them all as a single archive. With automated file naming the online folder structure is replicated and every download is recorded for reporting. Performance is optimized by compressing downloads into zip files while streaming the content to your computer. Merrill DataSite also offers integrated bulk printing solutions.