April 01, 2022

Senior M&A Deal-Making Roles Dominated by Men: Survey

By Alexei Alexis, CQ Roll Call

Senior-level management positions in merger and acquisition deal-making are dominated by men, according to a survey conducted by Datasite, a provider of cloud-based technology services for M&A professionals.

In the survey of 600 global deal makers, with 330 men and 270 women responding, 56 percent of the male respondents reported occupying high-level M&A positions such as "senior manager or group head," compared with 36 percent of the female respondents.

Women dominated roles such as "manager, non-manager, or associate," with 64 percent of female respondents holding such jobs compared to 44 percent of male respondents.

"M&A transactions are often among the most significant decisions a corporation and its leaders take, and plenty of research shows that greater diversity significantly improves decision making and could also improve M&A transactions," Datasite CEO Rusty Wiley said in a statement. "However, when a group that makes up 51 percent of the population isn't represented as much in key deal decision-making roles, that means there is still room for improvement."

Female deal makers felt less appreciated and supported than their male counterparts, and double the number of women compared to men felt burned out. In addition, more women than men reported others took credit for their ideas.

To keep more women moving into more senior deal-making roles, one area of focus for organizations that employ M&A professionals might include recognition and more diversity, equity, and inclusion training, the statement said.

The survey was conducted in February across the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany and Australia.

Reprinted with permission from CQ Roll Call via Thomson Reuters Westlaw.


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