The changing face of M&A: The people behind the deals


Like life, the M&A workplace is complex, full of overlapping definitions and groupings of people. In this report based on our survey of 600 dealmakers based in six countries globally, we kept our scope to only a few layers: generations, geographies, genders, race, and allyship (i.e. efforts by members of a privileged group to advance the interests of marginalized groups). In addition, we drew on comments from dealmakers in our survey to summarize some considerations going forward.

Dealmakers are inveterate puzzle solvers – after all, what is an M&A if not a giant puzzle? Rather than force a narrative from the survey results, then, we decided to present different parts of our analysis as separate pieces with multiple intersections.

Our hope is to start a dialogue by discussing what we learned and, in the words of one respondent, ‘chip away at old mindsets’.

Download the full executive summary and each chapter.

Executive Summary

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Chapter 1: Gender

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Chapter 2: Generations

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Chapter 3: Geographies

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