March 16, 2022

Prevent deal shame with watertight workstreams in Datasite Acquire

By Anthony Scudieri, Manager, Product Marketing

Your slip is showing. Your pay slip, that is. Along with those of your entire workforce. In retrospect, the team running point on IT due diligence probably shouldn’t see salary numbers. Too late now.

Think about every deal that you work on. Now imagine what would happen if potential bidders crossed streams, roadshow decks leaked, or leverage numbers were exposed? It’s more than embarrassing. It’s a nightmare. 

But you can make that bad dream disappear. Welcome to an ingenious Datasite feature: assigned views. This lets you create different versions of the same tracker, so that each team sees only what they need to – and no more.

It’s both a powerful tool and a fine-tuned instrument. You can hide entire columns, or just filter out specific information as needed. That means you can tailor your trackers to a host of different scenarios.

For example, let’s say you’re running a buy-side deal. Your tracker contains a list of all the items you need from the seller. So you hide columns such as team comments, priority, and assigned user from the seller, while giving the seller a single column to see your requests and respond to them. It takes just moments.

What about the issue we started with – accidentally revealing salary numbers? That’s solved too. You can let HR and the broader deal team coexist in the same tracker, knowing sensitive information will never leak from one workstream to another. You simply filter out HR from one view, and include only HR in the next view. That’s one less tracker for you to manage, and one less potential data breach.

What else can assigned views do? Well, maybe you want your accounting team to focus more on mission-critical items, rather than sub-$1,000 line items. So just filter out any workstream row that isn’t marked as high priority. You don’t just keep prying eyes out – you also keep your team’s energies in, directed exactly where they should be.

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