March 16, 2022

Don’t reinvent the wheel – jump-start your buy-side deal in Datasite Acquire

By Anthony Scudieri, Manager, Product Marketing

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if it works, use it again.

So why build your buy-side projects from scratch? Every. Single. Time?.

Sure, each deal is unique. But not that unique. The basic assumptions don’t change. You’ll always need to see the seller’s historical finances, their key contracts and so on. The same goes for users – it’s generally the usual suspects.

And you’ve worked hard setting up an intuitive index and checklist. Building folder structures. Creating workstreams. Assigning users – so many users. And you were proud of that tracker.

So stop duplicating work. Duplicate success instead. Copy the core elements from an existing project. Then just tweak the details, and you’re up and running.

A game-changing deal playbook

Now deal teams needn’t stress about importing the wrong checklist. Or forgetting a routine question. A tried-and-tested deal playbook is ready in seconds.

Meanwhile, at a higher level, you close more deals. And over time, you gain greater continuity. Because you don’t have to worry about junior attrition, when the new analyst can simply copy over an approved template.

And with this project template improving as you learn from deal to deal, it evolves to preserve all your best practices. Now you’re on a course to continuous improvement.

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