Case Study: Getting deals to market 20% faster with Datasite Outreach

December 09, 2022 | Case Study

The user

We spoke to a second-year analyst at a middle market investment bank. One of his key roles is assembling lists of likely buyers for a deal, then helping senior bankers engage these potential buyers via email.

The challenge

Where do you find all those bidders? How do you sort out the suitable ones? Is your data complete? Up to date? Easily findable? How long will it take to create and send over a hundred uniquely watermarked, secured, and customized emails? And how do you keep track of the responses?

The answer

We helped our analyst solve it all with Datasite Outreach.

"In Outreach, everything is already there. We have all our buyer information in one place. I can pull contacts from previous deals, and easily compare what they’ve done before, and what they’ve been interested in."

He can also build as many marketing emails as needed, creating them in moments from one error-free template. From there, it’s easy to track all activity.

"Outreach creates a full paper trail for me, instead of me having to make inputs. We can see exactly what’s been sent, who it’s been sent to, and everything that’s happening with it.

"It’s just a better system than running deal marketing manually from multiple Excel files."

In terms of time savings, I’d say it’s 20% more efficient.

middle market investment bank

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