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New Feature: Outreach Drag and Drop

May 09, 2022 | Video

Uploading contacts is a drag. So just drag and drop.

Hundreds of contacts to upload to your deal marketing project? No need to drop everything – just drag and drop them in Datasite Outreach.

A broad asset sale is a mighty task. Juggling hundreds of contacts. Maintaining constant communication. And tracking everything in Excel. You’d love to move to a deal marketing platform – but you can’t face the pain of importing all those contacts. How can you escape spreadsheet limbo?

It’s easy. Drag-and-drop is just one of the ways that Outreach makes deal marketing effortless. You just copy and paste contact details from your spreadsheet – no need to arrange a tedious upload. In one click you can import titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and custom fields. Updating existing details is just as fast.

Now you can get straight to deal marketing.

How it works 

  1. Prepare your spreadsheet. Add company and contact data to your spreadsheet. 
  2. Drag and drop (or copy and paste) the spreadsheet into Outreach.  
  3. Fix minor errors in bulk with our error validation tool.  

That’s it! Your project's up and running in minutes.  

See it in action

To experience this feature or other related features, contact your sales representative to request a personalized demo.

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Optimize your deal marketing and improve every aspect of the process with Datasite Outreach.

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