February 14, 2022

Deal Drivers: EMEA FY 2021

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EMEA M&A markets went into overdrive in 2021, spurred by an economic restart that worked wonders for investor confidence, piles of private equity dry powder at the ready, and the need for corporates to transact and repurpose their portfolios. 

This pent-up demand saw M&A in EMEA reach new peaks: total value increased 74% yoy and volume increased 43%. But which sectors saw the most activity and why?

Read our latest report to learn more about which sectors drove dealmaking in 2021, including the latest heat chart, league tables, and top bidders by value and volume.

Download Deal Drivers: EMEA FY 2021 to find out more.

Deal Drivers: Local Insight

Interested in learning more about how M&A has fared elsewhere? Read our other Deal Drivers reports from EMEA, APAC, and the Americas to gain the latest insight into dealmaking.

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