Managing the Deal

Buy-side or sell-side – most legal advisors globally report needing to work through due diligence and transaction management within sixty days. Datasite helps you meet even the most ambitious timelines without introducing unnecessary risks into your legal workflows.

Productivity Tools

Work faster. Turnaround common legal due diligence tasks in half the time with productivity tools like redaction with AI, document previews with language translation, and the ability to have files emailed directly to the data room! 

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User Experience

Improve accuracy. Transactions often involve thousands of documents needing review – OCR search capabilities and AI/ML enabled document categorization make it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

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Ironclad Security

Safeguard reputations. Centralize file storage and communication – including bidder Q&A – within the VDR to securely transact on a single GDPR/CCPA compliant platform. Activate user & content-level permissions and watermarking for additional clean room governance.

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Datasite Diligence Security

Management Oversight

Harness insights. Relevant analytics are effortlessly served up  – including bidder insights and deal team activity. Buy-side teams can also privately communicate key findings throughout diligence reviews.

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Enhanced Analytics

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