Prepare for Exit Success

Be deal-ready. Index and categorize deal documents quickly with specialist AI. Save countless hours preparing documents for redaction. And get to diligence with buyers in a single click.

Bring your deal to market faster with first-class technology and commercial agility from Datasite.

Smart Categories and AI Indexing

Optimize your data room design in no time. Let AI categorize deal documents and suggest where files sit in the index. And simply hover over documents to preview their content.

Prepare indexing emails example

Collaborate Effectively

Prepare deal artifacts, such as the CIM and teaser, and share among deal team prior to deal marketing. Easily access the project inbox to collaborate on a complete set of documents as you ready for buyer due diligence.

Integrated Redaction

Redact quickly and go live with buyers faster using auto-redaction. Then enable speedy unredaction with exclusive buyers by tagging reasons (such as privacy, strategic or commercial). Remove sensitive information in no time and have your deal prepared with GDPR/PII compliance.

Product Redaction Example

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