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Understanding the needs of technology dealmakers

The Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) segment covers companies that both produce and deliver content, as well as hardware, software and services companies. In addition, Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) deals move fast, are diligence intensive, and are extremely competitive.

Regulatory and governmental scrutiny is also more intensive with Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) deals. Transactions involving national media assets, communication infrastructure, and leading-edge technologies attract the interest of policymakers.

Thriving in this environment requires a technology platform that accelerates transaction times, reduces the diligence burden, and scales to meet participant demand without scaling complexity.Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) deals need the Datasite Cloud.

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Full spectrum of transactions

  • Sell-side

    The sell-side M&A process is more than just loading documents into a data room. Much more. The Datasite Cloud was designed to manage all of your challenges.

  • Buy-side

    Take control of the entire buy-side diligence process with Datasite Cloud. Make decisions faster and move past closure to integration quicker than ever.

  • Financing

    The Datasite Cloud is the ideal platform to facilitate private placements of equity and debt, public offerings, and secured and unsecured loan transactions.

  • Secure Repository

    The Datasite Cloud not only helps you prepare for diligence but manage the processes that surround that diligence. And hold that data securely afterwards.

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

    The Datasite Cloud enables fast and efficient drafting of SEC-required documentation while effectively managing a simultaneous sell-side process.

  • Restructuring

    Whether you are shedding a few assets or engaged in a more complex workout, the Datasite Cloud helps manage all aspects of your restructuring process.

  • Fundraising

    Streamline the process of fundraising with the Datasite Cloud. All within a single platform.

  • Licensing

    Companies are relying on the Datasite Cloud to save time, minimize risks, and gain more control over the licensing process.

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