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Smart, Fast and Efficient M&A Deals

“When conducting M&A due diligence you need to protect the privacy of corporate documents while keeping buyers anonymous and segregated.”

Top speed and quickly expanding scope doesn’t mean sacrificing security. Whether from document scanning or the breadth of users who need access to your M&A deal, any breach in the chain can leave you legally exposed. That’s why a Merrill DataSite® virtual data room (VDR) is an indispensable tool for streamlining the due diligence process worldwide. You get an airtight chain of custody for corporate documents shared anywhere in the world.

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Save time — Whether straightforward or complex, your customized data room will be up and running in 24 hours or less. Sellers can quickly upload and organize content.  User creation is simplified allowing  multiple users to access your data any day, around the clock – ensuring your deal can be accomplished as quickly as possible. In addition to unmatched speed of the deal, buyers' travel time and costs are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Easy-to-use —The intuitive interface of Merrill DataSite® is designed to flow like many familiar web-based applications so it’s easy to use. Plus, the site and customer service are available 24/7/365, so you can work on your deal whenever, wherever, knowing that assistance is only a phone call away.

Scalable — Whether you’re trying to attract 2 or 200 potential buyers, Merrill DataSite can accommodate them all, simultaneously, at any time of day with complete confidentiality. Sellers can conduct simultaneous, confidential due diligence cycles and host an unlimited number of bidders without extending transaction time, impeding access or breaching bidder confidentiality.

Flexible — Our talented in-house team over 30,000 projects. Thanks to years of experience working with the world’s largest companies on highly complex deals, Merrill DataSite features some of the most advanced functionality of any VDR. What’s more, we have hundreds of sample deal structures. You can use one of these, build a new custom structure, or we can implement one based on a structure you’ve used in the past.

Tightest security — Merrill DataSite is the first virtual data room to be fully accredited with the highest-level security certification , ISO 27001. In addition, documents are up to 256-bit SSL encrypted, support for two factor authentication, watermarks are tamperproof and customized, and data can be viewed, printed and downloaded only by the account holders you designate.

Budget Accurately — Our price is totally inclusive—there are no hidden costs, unlike with most other VDR providers. All the support and training is included regardless of time or day; and you won’t have to pay extra to include more participants in your data room. This means you can budget with confidence knowing there won’t be surprise expenses when the deal is closed.

Drive up deal price — One of the best ways to drive a higher deal price is to attract multiple bidders. We’ve made that easier by providing simultaneous, 24/7/365 access to as many bidders as you designate. In addition, Merrill DataSite tracks each move of every bidder, down to specific pages viewed which provides you with invaluable insights that can be crucial to negotiations.

Exceptional Service — Customer service and the handling of confidential, business-critical information is Merrill’s core competency. In fact, for nearly half a century, Merrill has been dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. You’ll meet your project team on the very first planning call and they will remain with you throughout the duration of the project to ensure your goals are achieved. Should you need anything, your dedicated project management team is always available.  

"Merrill DataSite provides a comprehensive VDR product that is both robust in its functionality and simple in its design. The site is quick and easy to navigate, construct and utilize (either uploading or downloading). In addition, the project managers are readily available to promptly assist with any issue, day or night, and are capable of resolving the most complex problems within limited time parameters."
-Senior Associate, McGladrey Capital Markets LLC