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M&A 2013 – The year of living dangerously

a complimentary webcast with Global Finance, sponsored by Merrill DataSite

Original webcast on 28 November 2012

Click here to playback

With asset values low in many developed countries, the coming year may be the best time to pick up a deal.

The webcast will explore whether companies are planning to take advantage of these low asset values, and if so, how they will finance the deals. We will also look at the possibility that this may herald another age of booming private equity and LBOs.

The discussion will also examine whether companies are making use of their large cash reserves to make strategic purchases, issuing debt and leveraging up, or doing share swaps.

We will also cover regional differences, the factors driving financing trends and which sectors offer the greatest opportunities in 2013, including:

  • Financial services
  • Industrial products
  • Technology particularly cloud computing
  • Consumer products
  • Automotive
  • Telecoms