February 17, 2022

Q1 Corporate Update: Finding and Fostering M&A Talent

On-demand webinar

The M&A market is hot. The market for top talent? Even hotter. So, how are M&A professionals tackling the Great Resignation?  Where are they finding talent from, and how are they convincing that talent to choose them over the competition?

In the first installment of our 2022 quarterly roundtable series, we’ll take the “Big Quit” head-on and cover other market trends, issues, and best practices. 

Topics include:

  • Finding and fostering M&A talent
  • Market trends and issues
  • Industry overviews
  • Best management practices

As usual, there will be plenty of time for Q&A and polling during the live webinar so you can provide your own perspective and benchmark against your peers. 



Devang Bhuva

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Gilead Sciences

Joanna Riley

CEO and Founder, Censia

Jennifer J. Fondrevay

Founder, Day1 Ready

Abby Roberts

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Datasite (Moderator)

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