October 31, 2019

The Future of the M&A Lifecycle Webinar

Webinar: On-Demand

Want to win more mandates? 
Worried about your productivity during due diligence? 
Can’t keep track of all your deals at once? 

Accomplish it all using best practices in asset marketing, automation, and data analytics.

The future of M&A includes many innovative ways for companies to come together and keep their relevance in the market. As deal success rates continue to improve, the goal still is to create value out of any arrangement. For that reason, the tools and processes behind bringing deals to market, through due diligence and post-merger integration, must be agile and ready for constant change. 

Watch on-demand as Olivia Ferris, Capstone Headwaters’ executive director, discusses with our panel the future of the M&A lifecycle.

Get the latest information on:

·       Best practices to optimize the asset marketing process

·       How to run productive due diligence processes

·       How to leverage technology across the entire M&A lifecycle

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