March 30, 2018

6 ways to impress your boss

Abby Roberts, Merrill Corporation | March 30, 2018

In the cut-throat world of M&A, your data room provider can make an outsized impact on deal success. Pick Merrill DatasiteOne and be a stand-out.

1. Avoid Embarrassing Delays. Upload 250,000 documents in as little as 14 minutes and use DatasiteOne on any device – not just tethered to a laptop. Clients will be amazed at how quickly you get their project up and running, starting your deal off on a strong note.

2. Speed-up Due Diligence. DatasiteOne’s new contextual search engine dramatically improves bidders’ ability to review key documents quickly and accurately. The faster the review, the better chance of a successful deal outcome in a shorter timeline and the happier your boss will be. 

3. Keep it Simple. With input from more than 1,200 dealmakers globally, Merrill DatasiteOne is designed to avoid admin headaches. It consolidates tracking into one spot and cuts down click-time by more than 40%. The less complexity, the less chance of mistakes – making everyone’s life a little brighter.

4. Show Vigilance. Protecting confidential information from intruders is top of mind for everyone, particularly during market and employee-sensitive processes like M&A. Prove to clients that you share their security concerns by picking the application with the strictest global security standards across the data security chain, including ISO/IEC 27001 certification and SSAE SOC 2 Type II attestation.

5. Take Backup. Late nights, weekends, whenever – our customer service team makes you look good. Dealmakers around the world trust Merrill’s locally-based expert teams for support across a spectrum of transaction types – 24/7/365, in 14 languages, via phone, email or chat.

6. Play to Win. Boost your reputation and demonstrate you’re on top of the latest M&A technology trends by choosing the world’s only SaaS app for due diligence. Be a savvy buyer and understand how DatasiteOne helps secure success – your boss will thank you!

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