April 24, 2018

DatasiteOne. Update One. Dashboard One.

Axel Kirstetter | April 24, 2018

The introduction of Merrill DatasiteOne is a phenomenal success. The metrics we track around demos given, new clients acquired, existing client extensions, inbound opportunities, application usage, uptime, latency, load speed, search accuracy, client satisfaction and so many more are all well above expectations.

One area I have received a lot of feedback on is around the distinction between a VDR (virtual data room) and our SaaS application for due diligence. The former at its core is a 20-year-old concept. And today – just like the iPhone set a new standard for mobile telephony -- DatasiteOne sets a new standard for technology that enables the due diligence process.

We will be talking about several proof points to evidence this over the next several months – and the first is Merrill’s newly introduced in-app dashboard (see below for details). It is part of our "Simplicity" commitment – and is a capability no single VDR in the market currently has. Historically, due diligence professionals have relied on downloadable reports with additional spreadsheet manipulation to understand deal status. The Merrill DatasiteOne dashboard provides this data out of the box and in a graphically enticing format – all reflecting the heavy focus we have put on user friendliness throughout our development process.

As our product leader for the dashboard, Joy Montello, puts it : "we wanted to ensure the data generated by our application would result in high quality, actionable insights. Our focus is on shortening the time to decision, using visualizations to provide information needed. Our users can expect to have an image presented to them that points them to the action they need to take before they even get to the office."

One of the benefits of DatasiteOne being a SaaS application is that Merrill can deliver changes quickly and seamlessly to features like our dashboard. Over the next few months the Project Dashboard will be enhanced with additional filtering options, click-in drill paths to enable users to answer in depth second-level questions, and practical front-end functionality to make it an intuitive part of every client and team update during the diligence process.

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