April 08, 2021

New Feature: Enhanced Analytics for Datasite Diligence

By Stephan Millard, Product Marketing

You’ve loaded all the content, invited buyers and the VDR is live!  Now you need to know who and where to focus your attention.  Which buyers are active?  Who has not logged in? What is the most actively accessed content on the project?  You need answers to these questions now.  And you need to tailor that analysis and send it to the team every morning. 

The Analytics in Datasite Diligence has you covered!  Our capabilities are unmatched in the M&A market – and now we are making them even better.  This release of analytics will include more intuitive navigation, redesigned dashboards, refreshed visualizations and more. 


More Intuitive Navigation

We are updating the navigation so it’s easier to find the dashboard you are looking for.  Dashboards will be grouped into three areas:

  • “My Analytics” (formerly called My Dashboards) this will include all your custom analytics.
  • “Reviewer Activity” will include the dashboards which answer questions around activity / engagement of reviewers on your project.
  • “Data Room Activity Audit” will include the dashboards which track key changes to your project needed for audit purposes.


Redesigned Dashboards

In addition, we are redesigning several of the current dashboards in Datasite Diligence to give you better information and analysis.  This will include refreshing several of the visualization types across all our dashboards.  Below are the key dashboards being updated:

  • The Datasite Dashboard will be renamed Activity Overview Dashboard. This dashboard will give you one place to come and track the most engaged buyers and content within your project.
  • The Documents dashboard will be renamed Document Engagement dashboard.  This dashboard will provide more granular analytics to track engagement on documents and folders within your project.
  • The Users dashboard will be renamed Login Activity dashboard.  This dashboard will provide additional details on users who have and have not logged into the project from what you see in the current Users dashboard.
Easier to Use, More Powerful Filters

In addition, we are making the filters on every dashboard easier to use and more powerful.  How?  First, we are putting the most commonly used filters across the top – so you can see their settings at a glance.  Second, we’re adding many new filters, based on your feedback, to increase the flexibility of our analytics.  Finally, all filters will now be persistent - So you only have to set them once.  No need to set them again the next time you open the dashboard.

Schedule more Simply

Finally, we are giving the scheduling feature a more prominent place on the Analytics tab so you can find and use it more easily.  We also improved the scheduler window making it more intuitive, so you can find, set and send reports whenever you need.

To learn more about the features in Analytics for Datasite Diligence download our Fact Sheet or contact your sales representative. 


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