September 19, 2018

You're in control: Intuitive service tools empower seamless due diligence

Deven Lindemann, Vice President Client Services | September 19, 2018

Deven Lindemann is the vice president of client services for DatasiteOne and leads a global team of 140 service professionals. While she is primarily responsible for service delivery, her responsibilities extend to strategy and execution of service excellence and team development. She has been with Merrill for more than 25 years and has helped establish and manage teams focused on service delivery across the organization.

We recently sat down with Deven for an interview about how the introduction of DatasiteOne is changing how customers interact with her service team and influencing her strategic thinking and approach to client services in the future.

Q: What does DatasiteOne’s ease of use mean for our clients?

A: Because of DatasiteOne’s intuitive interface, we’re quickly onboarding clients to the new application. Our introductory planning calls and demos are taking less time – often less than 30 minutes – and we’re even seeing a steady decline in the number of requested onboarding calls. This means clients are getting started quickly without a significant learning curve. Even as we add new features and functionality – like the 32 updates in our autumn 2018 release – our clients are finding DatasiteOne easy to grasp and utilize for their high-intensity work.

Q: Does that ease of use mean clients are making fewer support requests?

A: Absolutely. Another sign of DatasiteOne’s ease of use, is the fact that we’ve seen a decline in the number of requests to do work on the client’s behalf. The platform’s simplicity and design means clients are empowered to do more for themselves. In fact, DatasiteOne is so intuitive that our early data indicates that when clients do make a support call, it’s to ask questions about learning the functionality themselves rather than asking that work be done for them.

Q: What role has client feedback played in enhancing DatasiteOne?

A: Daily client feedback on the new DatasiteOne app allows us to do two things:

  1. We celebrate positive feedback and utilize suggestions from clients to build new features and enhancements. Part of our role is to ensure feedback and ideas are shared with our product development organization – with DatasiteOne, we’re increasing opportunities for our customers to give us feedback on what they want to see next out of both the platform and the service experience. Powered by that feedback, we deliver a steady roster of new features and enhancements with remarkable speed.
  2. Bugs are triggered and fixed quickly, thanks to DatasiteOne’s agility, and that means responsiveness to client feedback is a tangible outcome.

We’re also using customer feedback to better distinguish between tasks that customers prefer we do for them and tasks they would really like to do for themselves – we like to call them power tools because they place the power of Merrill services into the customer’s hands.

Q: How do constant enhancements and upgrades in a platform like DatasiteOne help clients?

A: Our refreshed design, and forward-thinking approach to implementing new tools like the DatasiteOne online help community, has enabled users to find relevant content faster and has resulted in a body of evidence that tells us clients are finding the answers they need to quicker than ever before.

It's clear that DatasiteOne has already become an essential tool for our customers, and with constant upgrades and enhancements, its vitality and power will only grow.

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