January 16, 2019

APAC League Table December 2018

Merrill Corporation and Refinitiv bring you the latest APAC M&A updates, as well as a list of the month’s top financial advisors.

Asia Pacific and Japan M&A activity hit an all-time high, accruing US$1.4 trillion in value up 19.5% compared to 2017 and surpassing the annual record high set in 2015 (US$1.42 trillion).

The Industrials sector led the Asia Pacific and Japan M&A activity, accumulating US$178 billion in value from a 12.4% market share, followed by Materials with US$163.8 billion and an 11.4% market share. Energy and Power is in third place worth US$162.3 billion, capturing a market share of 11.3%.

Download the latest APAC league table now.

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