February 16, 2018

Deal Drivers 2017 Full-Year Edition

Merrill Corporation is pleased to present the Full Year Edition: Deal Drivers Americas, which takes an in-depth look at M&A data, movement and trends in North America and Latin America and examines key trends that dealmakers expect to see in 2018. Dealmaking in 2017 was never likely to hit the heights of the two previous years, as dealmakers appeared to be taking a wait-and-see approach. However, so far in 2018 there have been numerous headline-making deals -- pointing to the nature of transactions that could be coming down the pipeline in 2018.

Key 2017 Deal Drivers highlights: 

  • Hot sector: TMT sector likely to strengthen in 2018, building on 2017's high volume of activity in North America
  • What to watch in 2018: Beyond TMT, the Energy, Financial Services and Consumer sector should see strong activity, as they look to carry over positive dealmaking momentum
  • Full of promise: Canada continues to be a strong contributor to the region’s dealmaking activity
  • Latin America Outlook: dealmaking expected to be hindered with political uncertainty within the region

With the uncertainty around tax reform lifted, allied with a benign economy and record corporate cash balances, dealmaker confidence is high. 2018 could be a very interesting year!

Download your copy of the FY17 Deal Drivers Americas today.