Find the right buyers. Achieve new insights. One integrated platform for faster deal preparation and asset marketing - your colleagues at RBC are already using it.

Datasite Outreach sets you up for better deal outcomes. Track all buyers in a secure location, reach out to counterparties faster, get access to historical project data instantly. It’s all on one integrated platform.

Key features include:

  • Automatic Buyer Tracking: Activities for buyers are easily monitored and updated automatically. You can also integrate data with your CRM for ultimate visibility.
  • Streamlined Email & Watermarking: Email hundreds of buyers swiftly, with an embedded email engine equipped with custom document watermarking.
  • MD Analytics: Real-time data provides better intelligence on buyer behavior and gives you a new window into market dynamics.
  • Staging VDR: Complimentary access to Datasite Prepare – a secure, easy to use file room to exchange documents with clients
  • Expedite the Deal: Transition to a VDR, Datasite Diligence, in one click.

Datasite Outreach

Transform your deal marketing process. Find out how Datasite Outreach improves deal marketing efficiency by 75%.

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Top Challenges in M&A Deal Marketing

In this infographic, we dive into some of the challenges dealmakers face in the deal marketing process and how technology can create efficiencies.

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