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Dealmaker's Spotlight: Carsome

Carsome, Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car ecommerce platform, is in the business of digitizing transactions for used cars. Technology just doesn't form the core of their operations but they actively use it for fundraising and investor engagement.

Learn more in an interview with Group CFO Juliet Zhu and Associate Director for Investor Relations Soon Kon Chun as they share how Datasite powered Carsome's Series D fundraising campaign and streamlined communications with investors.

Carsome has 50+ centers across 50+ cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand enabling the sale of 100,000 cars annually.

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Technology has enabled Carsome to build a platform that presents collective and cumulative insights that influence their decision making. It also generates data and feedback, which gives them complete control over the whole business process. They expected no less with their experience with Datasite. With the advancement of M&A technology, dealmakers around the world now have the tools they need to succeed across the entire M&A deal lifecycle. From automated redaction to streamlined Q&A. From eye-opening analytics to branded reporting. These tools keep your deal moving.


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Increase deal efficiency with powerful AI capabilities. Automate manual tasks like categorizing files and building an index, so your team can focus on the activities that make a difference to the deal. 

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Gain clarity on your processes and see the full deal picture in one place. Collect, track, automatically funnel, and easily extract data and information into custom dashboards to keep your deal moving.

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Strengthen communication in one secure location where you, your client, and deal team can work together. Distill key due diligence findings and quickly identify the hidden gems in the deal.

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Ensure compliance, accelerate your deal, and protect strategic and commercially sensitive data with AI-powered redaction. Save time and reduce complexity, securely, across words, images, and files.

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Datasite helps you across the entire M&A lifecycle. Enjoy first-class support, all day, every day, in 18 languages from our people. And protect your data with the best security in the business. Whether it’s user access, data at rest, or data in transit, we’ve got you covered with the strictest global safety standards across the data chain. So, however and wherever you do your deals, this is the place to make them.

The comprehensive features of Datasite actually helped give us that peace of mind when we share certain information and gave different levels of permissions.

Juliet Zhu

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