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The Datasite Cup: Battle of the Banks Boston Indoor Golf Tournament

Thank you for your participation in our 2022 Datasite Cup Golf Tournament! This will be your go-to information center in regard to all tournament updates, leaderboard standings, and happy hour events.

General Info:

  • Lynx Fitness Club – 64 Arlington St., Boston, MA 02116
  • September 12 – October 14, 2021
  • Weekly happy hours at Lynx Fitness Club

How does it work?

  • Your team will play 2 courses weekly for 5 weeks.
  • A better performance from your team will further you in the rankings.
  • On the final week, the top two teams will battle it out for the Datasite Cup!

Tournament requirements:

  • Teams of 4-6.
  • Every member of your team is required to register.
  • Multiple teams are allowed to register within your company.

Your time slot will be verified with you via email after you register your team. If you have any questions regarding scheduling, please reach out directly to your Datasite representative. 


Updated: Friday, July 29

Position Team (Bank Name/Industry Group) Round 1 Round 2 Total Score
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Golf balls and golf tees

See You at Happy Hour!

  • Lynx Fitness Club 64 Arlington St., Boston, MA 02116
  • 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM ET
  • First round prizes awarded!

Five Iron Golf is a re-imagined, high-tech urban golf experience and we are proud to partner with them for the 2022 Battle of the Banks.

In consideration for attending these events, you expressly, exclusively, irrevocably grant to Datasite the right to use your photograph, picture, appearance, or likeness, including video and other recordings of your appearance, along with the right to use your voice, including audio or other recordings of your voice, quotations and endorsements, or paraphrases of your quotations and endorsements, or any other personal identification or identifying characteristics, however obtained at the events, whether generated, edited or modified by computer or by any other means for the purpose of distributing, broadcasting, using or otherwise globally disseminating. 

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