What's New in Datasite

Learn about the newest features available on Datasite’s products.  Take advantage of them and get your deal done faster and easier.

Let AI accelerate redaction

We’ve taken the industry’s most advanced redaction tool and made it even more powerful by adding artificial intelligence to it.  The time savings are huge. Complexity is reduced, your sanity is saved.

  • Artificial intelligence finds data types automatically upon file upload. No need to search for things like email addresses, phone numbers, or names – AI finds them all for you allowing you to redact them all in seconds. 
  • Datasite Redaction AI is fully integrated within your VDR saving you hours and days vs. tools that sit outside the dataroom. 
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Work smarter with Datasite

Start your project with new interactive onboarding checklists.  These will show you how to take advantage of all the most powerful Datasite capabilities for your project.  So you can move faster and get your work done more easily.

  • New user on Datasite? Our onboarding checklist will help you become an expert in a jiffy!
  • Need help with just one task from the onboarding checklist?  No problem, just pick what you want and skip the rest.

Improving the experience for reviewers on Datasite Diligence

Now reviewers can complete due diligence faster and more easily with the addition of document preview and document translation. 

  • Preview any document in the dataroom in seconds by just hovering over it. No need to open the document!
  • Make global deals easier with embedded document translation.  Instantly translate any document you are previewing by just picking the language you want to see it in. Document translation is available in 23 languages.

For more information on these and other new features released by Datasite, visit Dealmaker's Circle - Support.