Datasite Diligence Redaction AI

Redact faster than ever before. AI pattern recognition locates data type instances even while you’re loading documents.  Automated tools finds all instances of terms, phrases – even images – that you specify and marks them for your confirmation. And when you need to unredact quickly when exclusive buyers emerge, redaction reasons lets you do it in seconds. All integrated within the virtual data room (VDR). 

Experience What AI Can Do for You

Datasite Diligence integrates text and image redaction to save time and reduce complexity versus using 3rd party tools.

Add Redaction AI to Datasite Diligence and let AI and automated redactions locate target redactions for you, saving hours and days. Go live with buyers faster, and when exclusive ones emerge, redaction reasons lets you unredact in seconds.  

Feature Capabilities

Redaction AI - Fully Integrated within Datasite Diligence

Manage your indexing, permissions, and secure documents all within the Virtual Data Room (VDR). Uploaded files start processing immediately through the AI engine.

AI Pattern Recognition

Data type instances such as personal/company names, geo/email addresses, phone numbers and currencies are found by artificial intelligence. Uploaded files starting processing immediately.

Redact Words, Images Across Filerooms​

Redact at all levels. Words, images. Automate redaction at file level, across multiple files, and even across multiple filerooms. The ultimate in flexibility and speed.

Tag Redactions by Reasons

Redact categories of content such as privacy, commercial, strategic and others. Apply reasons to AI generated values. , Automated, manual redactions – even images. It makes unredaction a matter of seconds vs hours and days.

Stage Redacted Results​

You verify system generated markings. Review and confirm them, and you’re done. AI speeds up redacting yet you retain ultimate control.

Permission Others to Redact​

Admins can assign deal team members, advisors, subject matter experts the rights to redact. Multiple team members can redact at once. Your teams’ bandwidth just expanded.

Draft Permissions

Unredact in seconds​

Words, phrases, images, AI generated data, automated redactions - All can be unredacted in seconds. When exclusive buyers emerge, you’re ready. Revert to originals just as fast to start post merger integration.

Redaction Confirmation

Insights into redaction​

A Redaction Dashboard illustrates volumes of documents redacted, top redactors and team progress. Schedule reports into your inbox.  Cut and paste charts for easy project reporting.

Your Support

Our global service team supports you 24/7/365 via chat, email or phone in up to 18 languages. In-application onboarding enables you to be self-sufficient. Productivity happens in minutes.

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