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Datasite Diligence™ - Data Room

Leading Data Room for M&A Due Diligence

Dealmakers require tools with features and capabilities that anticipate any roadblock they may face. With Datasite Diligence, you can set up a virtual data room (VDR) faster than ever before while gaining access to a set of leading features and expert support designed to keep your deal moving forward no matter the situation.

Accelerate Due Diligence

Email Files In

Allow authorized users to email files directly into the project. The new Project Inbox feature lets these users email files to the project using with a hidden forwarding email address. Use Outlook, Gmail or any other IT approved email system.

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Upload Data

Drag and drop your files into Datasite. Retain file structure while uploading folders and files. Keep everything in order with bulk move and renaming options. You can even upload zip files up to 50GB.

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Manage Permissions

Cascade user and document permissions in real time. Or schedule them in bulk at the project, folder, or document level. You can also control subject-matter expert input as appropriate.

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Intelligent Redaction - Now with AI

Datasite Diligence integrates text and image redaction to save time and reduce complexity versus using 3rd party tools.

Add Redaction AI to Datasite Diligence and let AI and automated redactions locate target redactions for you saving hours and days. Go live with buyers faster, and when exclusive ones emerge, redaction reasons lets you unredact in seconds.  

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Search in 14 Languages

With our OCR, get accurate search results no matter what language a document is in.

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Integrated Q&A

Set up workflow, roles, and categories, quickly and easily. Import questions from Excel, then assign categories and priorities. When it comes to reporting and compliance, simply export the data back to Excel.

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Stay on top of your deal with an intelligent dashboard. Drill down and export. Filter for the data you need. And for a customized dashboard, contact us.

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Smart Tools

Categorize content automatically, preview documents - including a translated preview in 21 languages - and dramatically improve your organizational process.

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Stay Safe with Ironclad Security

Prevent slip-ups and cyber-attacks with the strictest global safety standards across the data chain.

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Deploy the Latest Technology

Give your deal a head start using a modern, mobile-enabled platform. Download for iOS on the App Store or for Android on the Google Play Store.

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Receive the Best Support in the Industry

A team of global experts ready to help you, 24/7/365. Speak to them by phone, email, or chat in 20 languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traditional data room?

Data rooms are secure spaces for reviewing corporate documentation. In the past, these were physical locations, housing reams and reams of paper. M&A deal teams use them to safely share sensitive information.

What is a virtual data room (VDR)?

Virtual data rooms serve the same purpose as traditional ones. But rather than filling buildings with paper, everything is now securely housed online. M&A deal teams use them to power due diligence. But now they can provide so much more than simple storage space. Now they automate time-consuming processes. They allow global collaboration. And they give valuable insights that help close deals, faster.

What are the risks in using a consumer-grade file sharing system vs. a purpose-built virtual data room?

You might think that consumer-grade file sharing systems, such as Box, Dropbox™ and Google Drive™, could do the job. After all, they do market themselves as “low-cost solutions for the high-stakes challenges of M&A due diligence”. Sound good? Repeated high-profile security incidents say otherwise. And good luck getting hold of a file-sharer when you’re not paying for the service but trying to participate in the bidding. The challenges of complex M&A due diligence demand a more secure, purpose-built VDR application.

Why use a data room, such as Datasite, designed exclusively for the M&A industry?

The needs of M&A deals are very different from the needs of the general public. We designed Datasite on insights from more than 2,000 dealmakers. Its tools and features power more than 9,000 deals a year. All protected by ironclad security. It’s backed by world-class support, all day, every day, anywhere in the world. And you can rest safe in the knowledge that there’s an audit trail tested by the industry’s leading regulators.

What should I look out for when choosing a data room for M&A?

You have plenty of options to choose from. But Datasite is the only data room provider that meets all four criteria to make your deal a success.

  • Unparalleled expertise Trust the industry’s top experts. We’ve been an integral part of the M&A industry for decades. That’s expertise we can share, to help you close deals, faster.
  • Powerful technology Make Datasite your own. From automated redaction to streamlined Q&A. From eye-opening analytics to branded reporting. These are the tools to keep your deal moving.
  • Ironclad security Protect your data with the best security in the business. Whether it’s user access, data at rest, or data in transit, we’ve got you covered.
  • Unmatched service Enjoy first-class support, anywhere in the world. All day, every day. Whatever you need, you can be sure we’ll never leave you hanging. In 20 languages.

What to Look for when Choosing a Data Room

Datasite Diligence is the only data room to offer Redaction, Q&A, Analytics and Smart Tool features, effectively becoming an essential tool for every aspect of M&A Due Diligence instead of just a secure repository.

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