September 15, 2021

Corporate Development Outlook: The Enterprise Edition

On-Demand Webinar 

What's on the mind of corporate dealmakers from some of the world's largest organizations?  As we begin the sprint to the end of 2021 find out what key market and technology trends the biggest companies are tracking, how the role of corporate development is changing, and how corporate development leaders structure and run their teams.

Register now and listen to our panel of corporate development experts in the third installment of our quarterly roundtable series.  

Topics include:

  • Q3 market activity and outlook
  • M&A opportunities and technology trends
  • Exclusive research into M&A and Corporate Development benchmarks
  • Corporate Development Best Practices for 2021


Hermant Hebbar headshot
Hemant Hebbar

Vice President, Global M&A and Integration, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Jeff Hennig headshot
Jeff Hennig

Sr. Director, Corporate Development, Xilinx

Alwyn VanHeerden headshot
Alwyn van Heerden, CFA

Sr. Director, Corporate Development, Anthem

Abby Roberts headshot
Abby Roberts

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Datasite (moderator)

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