November 05, 2018

Merrill Insight™ Video - The Future of Due Diligence: Webinar Playback

“If you’re prepared early then maybe you maximise your chance of actually winning a deal.” -Nick Barnard, General Manager at GLG, Webinar panelist

Are you prepared for the future of due diligence?

Due diligence has evolved and improved thanks in large part to innovations in technology and digitisation.  For example, do you know the impact that social media has on the M&A due diligence process? This was just one of digital trends discussed during our November 1, Merrill Insight Video 'The Future of Due Diligence'.

Though today, the process is more advanced and efficient than in the past, there are still areas that are slowing M&A practitioners down for which technology could provide the solution.

With an increased focus on speed and deal preparedness how much more advanced and efficient could the due diligence process become in the future?

Catch up on this webinar on-demand here to learn about what’s driving the most change including the most important problem technology will help solve and how long M&A professionals expect M&A due diligence to take over the coming years.

Watch the replay and access the ‘Future of Due Diligence’ resources by filling out the form.

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