August 03, 2018

A day in the life of Datasite Service: Meet Caroline

Felicia Asiedu | August 03, 2018

Caroline has been with Merrill Corporation for just over two years and delivers consultative solutions mainly to France-based clients. She moved to London in 2012 from a town near Toulon, in the South of France, after completing a BSc in International Marketing.


At 6.50am usually and I jump straight out of bed, without hitting the snooze button. Or I’m sometimes up at 4.50am if I go to the gym. I listen to RnB or any music that will give me an energy boost for the day ahead. And, after a short commute, I’m ready to start work.


I’ll take a look at my calendar to see if any meetings have been planned and sometimes I’ll need to jump on a call straight away. Then I’ll check my emails; we work from a group inbox so we can pick up queries as quickly as possible. We have a rule that we always respond to client requests within 20 minutes – or less – and we support each other to meet that goal.


Through a bilingual recruitment agency, when I was looking for an international role based in London City. I wanted to experience the vibes of living in the City on a daily basis. I felt like I clicked with my manager straight away in the interview. And they were looking for someone with a positive attitude, plenty of energy, and fluent in French.


Pretty much anything could happen. Requests come in throughout the day. It’s a question of picking them up, sorting them out and closing the case as speedily and effectively as possible. I also spend time planning calls with clients to come up with the most efficient way of working on their particular project, as well as training clients to use the platform. I have weekly training on DatasiteOne myself too, so as to be constantly on top of both the product and my client’s needs. I also help to organise employee events because I’m part of the social committee, which is a lot of fun.


If there is a very urgent request that puts pressure on me and will genuinely take a while then I get frustrated that I can’t be quicker for the client. Also, I am so passionate about supporting clients that it can sometimes be disappointing if I’ve gone the extra mile and it goes completely unnoticed.


When I can fulfil client goals that are almost impossible. When I not only meet the client’s needs but also exceed expectations. If a client says they need something by tomorrow, I just love being able to say “well actually, I managed to get it for you today!” It looks good and it feels good. I love that clients remember me and request me. Client feedback or even feedback from my colleagues or manager gives me that feel-good factor; it’s a real boost.

The people are one of the best things about my job too. We come from all over the world. It’s such a mix of culture and backgrounds that I have never experienced in other companies.


I hit the gym. I just love working out. My energy levels are kept really high. It’s my “me time” where I can listen to music to clear my mind at the end of a busy day.


For Nike in international marketing, staff training or anything head-office based. I love the brand and what they stand for. It is a world-dominating brand and I just love their products.

Caroline is just one of our highly skilled Merrill Service team members. She specialises in supporting clients through their deals utilising Merrill DatasiteOne, the application for due diligence. To find out more about how we can support your next deal click here.

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