September 19, 2018

Fast. Simple. Secure. Unlocking productivity in M&A due diligence

Dayo Famakinwa, Group Product Manager | September 19, 2018

Merrill Corporation has long been at the forefront of M&A technology with the introduction of the virtual data room. In 2018, the company continues to lead the way in innovation for due diligence around mergers and acquisitions with Merrill DatasiteOne. Thanks to a revolutionary architecture, DatasiteOne’s project engineers and development team are moving faster than ever, rapidly creating and delivering new features and functions that unlock productivity across the due diligence lifecycle.

Prioritizing Productivity

Opportunities arise quickly. In ongoing meetings with users, we continuously seek new features and functionality that have the potential to accelerate due diligence, and evaluate those ideas against the productivity standard that we set. We examine the impact of each new feature on the ability for our customers to rapidly prepare and manage their transaction no matter the deal’s size or complexity.

Innovation Spotlight

DatasiteOne’s new dashboard and visual analytics tools are prime examples of how productivity improvements play a role in prioritizing new features. Released in September 2018, the introduction of the new visual analytics module will almost immediately make standard tabular reports seem like ancient history for application users.

This industry-changing tool generates immediately readable dashboards and allows for data drill-downs, easy export of tables and multi-project and single project analysis. The future of analytics is here: it’s all about self-service, on-demand insights tailored to exactly what you need to know about your deal.

Rapid Development and Continuous Delivery is the Key

The goal as we build new tools is to release them to our users immediately. Unlike the way product development is done in many organizations, with monthly or even quarterly code releases, Merrill integrates new code into our main code branch several times a day, and deploys new code to production daily  What this means for DatasiteOne users is that they are always using the latest code and the newest versions of every feature.

The future is bright

DatasiteOne is proving to be an absolute game-changer. But we’re not resting on our laurels. Merrill is passionate about driving our technology forward as quickly – and as wisely – as possible. For DatasiteOne customers, that means their deal-making process will always be powered by our latest and most nimble tools, so they are more productive, more informed and more agile to ensure the best possible outcomes for their deals.

About Dayo Famakinwa

Dayo Famakinwa is the group product manager for DatasiteOne. He leads product squads consisting of product managers, developers and user experience designers in a shared commitment to continuously improve DatasiteOne. His team is committed to gaining direct insight from customers about the challenges they face in managing corporate transaction events, and then turning those insights into features and functions that accelerate due diligence and unlock productivity for DatasiteOne users around the world.

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