August 17, 2018

Suit and Tie

Shelle Martin, Senior Director at Merrill DataSite | August 17, 2018

Prospects often ask, “Why do we need services like Merrill DatasiteOne? Don’t FTP protocols work well, or even other lower-end virtual deal room providers get the same job done?"

My response? Sure, you can use other platforms to perform due diligence if time is not important, and you do not care about financial holdbacks. Or if you don’t include large institutions, high-profile corporates or foreign investors – all of whom will demand data security restrictions - on your potential buyer’s list.

Or use other platforms if the end-user experience is not important to your team. (Did you know FTP/File sharing platforms are not typically accessible to large institutions, due to firewall restrictions?) 

Or use other platforms if you do not mind the competition getting ahold of confidential Intellectual Property (IP) or personal employee information. One wrong click is all it takes…

Lastly and most important, use another platform if you are not concerned about first impressions.

DatasiteOne was specifically designed to facilitate efficient due diligence across firewalls, across borders and across platforms. Our company has learned after 53,000 projects and 1,400 dealmaker interviews what matters to you and your deal team, such as PC/Mac friendly, No PLUGINs, S24/7/365 multilingual support, full search across ANY FILE type, fast uploads, easy user interface, audit trails and reporting.

Want more facts?

  • More than 78,000 people have used DatasiteOne in the past 10 months – with more than 1.5 million sessions – for processes ranging from sell-side to buy-side, fundraising and integrations. 
  • Nearly 4,000,000 documents sit in our secure environment
  • We are committed to the security of your data, including compliance with SOC 2 Type II protocols, ISO 27001 certified, EU-US Privacy Shield adherence.
  • Our new platform uses the latest technologies such as Elasticsearch to ensure the fastest search and upload times around.

For your next process, don’t show up wearing flip flops. Show up in a suit and tie with Merrill DatasiteOne. 

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