April 06, 2021

Brazilian Beauty Services Company Goes Public

Espaçolaser operates more than 550 locations across Latin America, serving millions of customers and sponsoring dozens of high-profile athletes. After years of sustained growth across Latin America, Espaçolaser leaders knew they had a highly effective, scalable business model. By 2020, they were ready to start preparing for the next step: an initial public offering (IPO). They knew, however, that the process would not be easy.

Espaçolaser had grown organically under a partnership and franchise model so ownership was fragmented across 78 different companies. To prepare for the IPO, Espaçolaser needed to first combine all of them into a single corporate structure. Indeed, one major goal of the IPO was to provide funding for these acquisitions.

To provide the framework for managing all the data and documentation for the disparate franchisee groups, the company turned to Datasite.

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