December 12, 2018

Your Questions Answered - Bonus Q&A from our Industrials M&A Panel

Can’t get enough of our December 4 Merrill Insight™ Video | Technology, Topography and Technocrats: Trends in Industrials M&A? Register here to watch our Bonus Q&A segment, where we tackle audience questions we did not have time for during our live panel.

Questions include:

  • Where do you see the most divestitures coming in the next year?
  • Tips for CEOs and CFOs on how to prep for sale?
  • Implications of Delaware Court’s recent ruling in Akorn v. Fresenius on Material Adverse Effect Clauses
  • Thoughts on Reps and Warranties Insurance

On your next coffee break, watch what our Industrials M&A panellists had to say about these questions and more.

Our panelists:

  • Steven Nielsen, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs
  • Biju Kurian, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at Stifel
  • Clare O’Brien, Partner at Shearman & Sterling
  • Siobhan Sweeney-Cordova, EVP Global M&A at AIAC Group

If you missed the webinar, you can access the playback on-demand here.

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