January 16, 2019

Building Corporate Readiness to Avoid Shareholder Activism Whitepaper

Shareholder Activism is having far greater impacts on corporates worldwide beyond just the hundreds of activist-targeted companies. A record number of board seats have been won by activists, M&A deals have been impacted, CEOs have lost their jobs and corporate strategies and operational initiatives have been dramatically altered due to activists’ campaigns and influence. The campaigns have a significant ripple effect and are influencing demand for changes across corporates large and small. 

However, CEOs, CFOs, chief counsels and investor relations teams are learning quickly. They are becoming increasingly successful in managing through activist campaigns while fostering new approaches to corporate governance. In some of the most successful responses, investor relations teams are bringing activism “inside the walls” by becoming more proactive with shareholders, improving corporate governance, and driving corporate decision making to raise shareholder value before the threat of escalated activist interest. Against this backdrop, thoughtful investor relations teams are also wise to ensure activist intentions are for long-term shareholder benefit versus immediate activist gain.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to build an effective shareholder relationship management strategy.

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