February 22, 2019

Merrill - Deal Drivers Americas FY 2018

What sector and geographical trends defined M&A activity in 2018, and what will drive deal making in 2019? Which financial and legal advisors dominated specific sectors and regions? Find out in this exclusive report, which combines an in-depth summary of 2018 M&A with future-facing analysis of key issues shaping the M&A landscape in the United States, Canada and Latin America (Americas) in 2019.

Read the report to view:

  • 2019 sector and geographic heat charts based on potential companies for sale.
  • 2018 and 2019 sector and regional analysis.
  • Comprehensive analysis of 2018 M&A activity by value, volume, sector and region.
  • Detailed financial and legal advisory league tables, showing who dominated M&A globally, regionally and by sector.

This is your chance to review big picture trends impacting the M&A industry at both the high and local level, and make sure your knowledge is up to date.

Download the report now.

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