3 Workflow Hacks

For the Buy-side

Buy-side M&A is a team sport, with success hinging on smart quarterbacking of a complex, collective endeavor. Based on our 330+ survey of buy-side dealmakers, this infographic explores three top tactical challenges and how to overcome them.

Challenge #1: The Paper Chase

79% of buyers struggle with workstream progress tracking. With review teams sometimes stretching into the hundreds, keeping your process moving requires constantly chasing down information from internal and external stakeholders like legal and HR. Updating current statuses on your spreadsheets and identifying the correct underlying documents to reference takes even more hours.

Investment banker considers a digital as opposed to physical data room

Solution: Collaborate in the Data Room

Stop the paper chase by consolidating everything in Datasite Acquire. Embed your trackers, and get your workstreams to do their own status updates and document linking. Leverage our in-app Findings tool to get straightforward answers to your questions and surface key issues faster. Use @Mentions to quickly flag dependencies and risks to team members.

M & A Professional Working on a Data Room

Challenge #2: Buyers Need Support

64% of buyers flag project management support as a top priority because there’s so much sensitive, organizational work to be done. Your index must be organized correctly. Internal and external workstreams must be permissioned to see only what you want them to see. Finally, running your process through a different technology platform every time you do a new deal adds stress and friction for everybody.

M & A Professionals Working on a Data Room

Solution: Extend Your Team

Rely on Datasite Acquire’s buy-side experts to ease the pain. They will help you with everything from project set-up to close, and train your entire team along the way. Our customer portal, Dealmaker’s Circle, will offer you quick guidance and, as always, you can lean on our 24/7/365 service team for support in 20 languages.

M & A Professionals discussing a Data Room

Challenge #3: The Juggling Act

Buyers juggle an average of 3.7 different transaction types at any given time. With so many moving parts, knowing where you stand with any single transaction is a constant battle. And in a competitive deal environment, the last thing you want is an unexpected slowdown or curve ball thrown at you at the last moment.

Investment bankers working on a Data Room

Solution: Catch Dropped Balls

Sharpen oversight with real-time analytics in Datasite Acquire. Our Dashboard provides instant workstream updates so you always know exactly where you stand and can spot potential problems fast. Our Analytics tab tracks activity by workstream, user, document, and permissions so nothing gets by you. Customize and receive reports automatically in your inbox.

Investment bankers consider acquisition

Make better decisions, faster, with Datasite Acquire

Take charge of your review

Skip hours of checklist mapping by having the Seller organize documents directly in your own VDR index.

Collaborate in the data room

Easily link Trackers, Findings, and comments to underlying documents with our integrated tools. See new files and @Mentions surface on the Dashboard.

Preserve one source of truth

Avoid missed emails and common version control issues by keeping all your documents within your always-online Datasite project. 

Rely on ironclad security

Centralize stakeholder engagement on a GDPR, CCPA, and APP compliant platform with ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II certifications.

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