Your Transaction Management Hub

At Datasite, we know your strategic priorities can change from month to month. What never changes is the need for a secure, centralized VDR platform to manage your financial transactions.

Whether you’re planning a fundraising on Datasite Prepare, opening audit rooms on Datasite Diligence, handling investor outreach on Datasite Outreach, or using Datasite Acquire for M&A and PMI, we’ve got you covered. 

Sharpen project oversight and avoid task overwhelm with our best-in-class transaction management VDR platform. See where you stand with multiple projects instantly on our VDR Landing Page.

  • Team Extension | Whatever your project size or type, our 200+ dedicated project managers will provide complementary end-to-end assistance in up to 20 languages. 
  • Lean on AI | Cut transaction management tasks down to size by relying on AI-enabled categorization and redaction in the data room to do the work for you.
  • Unique Collaboration Tools | Manage sensitive communications securely and at scale with our granular permissions, investor outreach tool, and Q&A tracker. Always know exactly who’s looking at what documents in the data room with Analytics. 
  • Flexible Pricing | Get the price plan that suits your needs. Avoid hidden fees and per seat limitations. 
  • Datasite Prepare

    Be deal ready, every time.

  • Future of transaction management

    Get exclusive insights into the biggest challenges faced from deal sourcing to post-merger-integration (PMI) and beyond.