Future of Transaction Management 2021: The Impact of COVID-19

How did corporate development teams adjust to working in pandemic conditions in 2021? We surveyed 590+ corporate dealmakers globally to find out. See what they said in our report.

The main themes global corporate dealmakers raised

M&A Professional stressed about challenges

The bumpy move online

Time kills all deals. So, it’s no surprise that the focus for many survey respondents was on how the shift to virtual transaction management impacted process speed.

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Juggling more financial transaction types

Respondents worked on more than double the  number of deal types than they did the year before. Partnerships and restructurings surged, with 40%+ of dealmakers involved with one or both kinds of financial transactions.

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M&A Professional reviewing documents in a data room

Due Diligence gets harder

The pain is worse than before. This year, 43%+ of respondents characterized most due diligence-related tasks as very or extremely challenging - a roughly 5% uptick from last year.

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Discover the role company size plays in financial transaction management

Press play on the future

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We surveyed 590+ corporate professionals globally who work on M&A transactions

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