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As veteran dealmakers know all too well, M&A processes often fail at the post-merger-integration phase when deal teams change hands. Improve outcomes and facilitate PMI success by keeping the same VDR throughout your deal lifecycle with Datasite.

Keep it together. Avoid knowledge transfer loss by turning your deal room into a resource hub so your PMI team can easily:

  • Access background information, playbooks, and templates;
  • Quickly find relevant documents with our comprehensive OCR search;
  • Ensure internal compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA via granular user permissions and AI-enabled redaction.

Speed up. Use Datasite Acquire's unique VDR workflow tools to accelerate progress:

  • Review due diligence findings to avoid duplication of past work;
  • Create new integration findings and to-do lists and leverage analytics to track internal progress closely and escalate issues fast;
  • Keep key integration milestones front and center with our calendar function.
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